With a debut in August of this past year, Human Error is a new audio drama podcast created by Ali Hylton that tells the story of Billie, a young adult who travels across the hostile landscape of a future version of South-Central Texas. 

Society has imploded due to a virus that has transformed large swaths of humanity into zombie-esque creatures called “Errors.” Billie joins forces with a group of fellow survivors as they search for safety and a cure for the virus. Only it’s not that simple. It never is, is it?

Diving into loss, love, and the ever-driving pursuit of hope and salvation in the most desperate and desolate of experiences, Human Error is a poignant observation of the nature of humanity and how extreme circumstances can be an effective way of finding out who a person really is. With engaging sound design and superb voice acting that pulls the listener in within a matter of seconds in the first episode, Hylton deftly creates a slow-burn narrative that reveals the plot to listeners bit by bit while also fully immersing them in a terrifying, apocalyptic world. 

If you’re a fan of The Phenomenon, We’re Alive, or The Walking Dead, give Human Error a try! 


November / December 2022

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