When You Record In Your Daughter’s Room

A recording studio would be nice, eh? 

So many of us are recording amazing podcasts in our home offices, walk-in closets, and zip-up recording booths we got on Amazon. And while we do our best to find the quiet spot in the house, most of us don’t invest time and money to understand the problems we need to be tackling. 

But the good thing is… there are people out there who know everything about making our podcasts sound great. Robb Wenner is the Director of Artist Relations at Auralex, a company focused on helping their clients control unwanted sound. When folks like Dreamworks, ESPN, Klipsch, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame trust their advice, you know they’ve got plenty of experience to handle our questions.

Recently, Robb spoke at the Nashville Podcasters Meetup about the science of sound. He also brought some Auralex products to show the audience how we can make our shows sound even better. 

Outside of microphone choice (which I covered in last m…

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Moms On Call

Your Partners In The Parenting Journey

Being a new mom can lead to a lonely place if you don’t have other mom friends around to commiserate with. Listening to a podcast through which you can resonate with other moms who are struggling, too, and hearing answers to questions you feel too vulnerable to ask is a great feeling for those who long to be heard and understood. It’s like you’ve found your crew.

Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker, hosts of Moms on Call, share a goal to serve all families, creating a space for them to reach out while letting them know that they’re not alone in the motherhood journey. 

The friendship of these kindred spirits grew when they both worked as on-call nurses at a busy pediatric office in Atlanta. The two were the lucky ones doing the after-hours calls for the practice. 

One day, their boss had a brilliant idea—to start seeing their new families in person. He wanted Laura and Jennifer to go out into the homes of these new par…

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Veteran Shares Hardships To Success To Help Others Post-Military

“We’re Not Broken.”

Chris Hoffmann’s origin story isn’t unique. The St. Louis native grew up with a tough upbringing in a broken home. Like many young men raised in similar difficult situations, he joined the United States Marine Corps—what he calls “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children.” He served for four years—2008 to 2012—living a year and a half in Japan and serving in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. 

In the final year of his enlistment, he started thinking about having a family, and knew there was no path to that life as long as he was in the Marines. After his discharge, Hoffmann struggled to figure out how to live life post-military and found himself in five different careers in five different industries throughout the next five years. He started off like many military people do—he got a job in security—and eventually switched to specializing in fitness memberships, working for a large commercial gym, selling vacuums door-to-door, and marketing telecommun…

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Network Conversations: Building Relationships One Interview At A Time

“Your network is your net worth” and other equally blah quotes about networking are so… well… 90s. 

In today’s business world, networking is about building meaningful, mutually beneficial business relationships. And no one serves up connections like Adam Connors of NetWorkWise—a “social architect and super-connector who is known for his expansive network and an extraordinary ability to open difficult doors.” 

In other words, he is a master of what he preaches… and podcasts. 

Conversations with Connors, presented by NetWorkWise, is “the ultimate in connecting,” Adam says.

“The beauty of a podcast is that it lets you truly connect with people, which is a blast. You also get to let the audience be a fly on the wall and learn—whether about the person you’re interviewing or something about their expertise. You hear it straight from them.”

There are three main tenants of Adam’s show: 

“First, that I know, like, and trust or admire you. Tha…

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UTR: Human Error Podcast


With a debut in August of this past year, Human Error is a new audio drama podcast created by Ali Hylton that tells the story of Billie, a young adult who travels across the hostile landscape of a future version of South-Central Texas. 

Society has imploded due to a virus that has transformed large swaths of humanity into zombie-esque creatures called “Errors.” Billie joins forces with a group of fellow survivors as they search for safety and a cure for the virus. Only it’s not that simple. It never is, is it?

Diving into loss, love, and the ever-driving pursuit of hope and salvation in the most desperate and desolate of experiences, Human Error is a poignant observation of the nature of humanity and how extreme circumstances can be an effective way of finding out who a person really is. With engaging sound design and superb voice acting that pulls the listener in within a matter of seconds in the first episode, Hylton deftly creates a slow-bur…

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