Everything’s Fucked! A podcast where two friends, who met on IG, talk about a variety of different topics ranging from mental health, parenting, household chores, sex and everything in between. We hope to bring light to topics a lot of people avoid due to discomfort, or because it isn’t socially acceptable to talk about. Between the two of us you are going to hear a wide range of language, innuendo, and opinions (and honestly just ridiculous things you never thought you’d hear anyone talk about). A large focus will be on mental health because it is something we both feel shouldn’t be ignored. Not in ourselves, and especially not in our kids. Parents should be allowed to vent when they need to, without fear, or judgement and in ways that feel comfortable. Sometimes we just need to joke about things that are generally taken seriously because that is how some of us cope. Laughter is a powerful tool. That is what this podcast is meant to be for. While most of it is all in good fun, we are still hoping to bring you facts, stats, and information you can use on real topics. We genuinely hope you walk away feeling a little lighter, and better about life, recognizing that everything really is fucked, but sometimes it’s in the best way possible.

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