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  1. No podcasts promoting hate speech
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Not follow our Rules & Guidelines can result in a temporary suspension of your account or completely removing your account. You may also be banned from returning to the site.

Please follow these rules at all times:

  1. Podcasts that are based on hate speech are not allowed.
  2. Podcasts inciting listeners to break the law, riot, or damage property are not allowed.
  3. Podcasts that promote racism, homophobia, bigotry, or gender inequality are not allowed.
  4. Podcasts that promote terrorism, violence, or hatred of any country/religion/race/gender are not allowed.

Accounts violating these rules can be removed from the website for violating the terms of use at any time. You may receive a refund (depending on how recently your last payment was made). You can also find your account permanently banned for repeated violations. Let’s work together to keep the podcast directory free FOR EVERYONE!

Please make the most of your account and be courteous to other podcasters. We don’t want to have a community governed by hatred, ignorance, and bigotry.

-The Free Podcast Directory Support Engineers