It’s an unlikely duo—weight loss and quilting. Talk about a very specific podcast for a very specific group! In a lot of ways, the combination works. 

Host Dara Tomasson is a weight-loss coach by day and a quilter the rest of the time. She also took off 50 pounds without exercising and dieting… and she shares how she did it on her podcast. 

In addition, she covers how quilting can contribute to weight gain, and how to combat it. She actually uses the quilting theme to talk about all aspects of dieting that can also be tied to other facets of life—like going to parties (which quilters love!). 

The only problem with the podcast is that it’s sort of like a sofa bed—it’s trying to do too much. In that respect, it sacrifices on both topics. Don’t get me wrong… I do like the podcast. It’s just a little too much on the commercial side (it’s subtle, yes, but it’s there). 

You don’t have to be a quilter to use the diet tips and techniques, though. (People other than quilters go to parties!) So, listen for diet and quilting tips!


July 2022 Issue

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