If you want a well-done update on the latest episode of a science-fiction TV series accompanied by sound analysis, check out TeeVee, produced by The Vidiots. 

Eric and Jason are the hosts who thoughtfully break down episodes of their favorite TV shows. Their passionate commentary can be described as “smart and sometimes amusing,” particularly when they point out instances where they wish the writers had brought the action to a logical conclusion. Gaps and confusing elements of the story arc also don’t escape their scrutiny.

Awkward moments in the script and characters’ odd reactions are also fodder for discussion. They even pay attention to the authenticity of tie-ins with historical events and figures. You can trust Eric and Jason to clearly state what seems to work well in the TV show they’re examining, and without ranting, they’ll calmly explain what they find irritating.

The recaps have a bit of geeky dryness about them, but that may be just fine for this podcast’s sci-fi-loving audience.

The most pleasantly surprising thing about these hosts is that they are sensitive to the journeys that the characters are on. They also celebrate the moments in an episode when they see the triumph of the human spirit. What a positive pair they are!

Now that TeeVee is on your radar, take a listen today. 


May 2022 Issue

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