Ready to indulge your five senses via a mixture of science, mystery, and true crime? In the episode “The Case of the Missing Portrait,” we hear about a portrait of Dr. Dorothy H. Anderson from eighty years ago that should be hanging in the baby hospital in New York, NY. 

It was like listening to mystery radio, as the hosts wandered around New York in search of the missing portrait of this lost lady in science. Her influential face was nowhere to be found.

What’s intriguing me about this podcast is how it brings in not only science, but also a sprinkling of history, including topics that bring to the forefront how the medical field was dominated by White men in the colonial era.

I found my mind wandering around questions about various areas of life. Who decides whose face is worthy of being hung on the walls of hospitals, medical hospitals, or in the halls of Yale University?

My mind kept swirling around thoughts of how a hanging portrait could have such deep meaning and say so much about institutions.

So, if someone’s portrait wasn’t hanging on the wall, was he or she not as important? Did that person contribute less to medicine than those on display? 

This podcast provides a thought-provoking experience and some personal self-reflection, as well!


May 2022 Issue

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