No one wants to feel like a quitter—not in fitness, nor in life. That’s what makes the Counseling and Functional Fitness podcast a truly helpful resource. It focuses on the integration of mental health and fitness. Now, that’s unusual. 

Host Adam Barfoot is a mental health therapist, a mental skills coach, and a CrossFit Level One trainer.

He is an excellent teacher, yet his everyday language helps the audience easily relate to his analogies. 

Pick any episode, and you’re likely to end up assessing whether your thoughts are dragging you down and holding you back. 

Episode 25, “Lessons Learned from a Half-Marathon,” is my absolute favorite. My hope is that we’ll get more episodes like this one, allowing listeners to hear about the host’s vulnerabilities. We experience Adam’s emotions right along with him.

His discussion on pacing is relevant not only to runners, but to anyone longing to set themselves up for success. This episode encourages us to keep putting one foot in front of the other, even if our steps are small. 

It is clear that Adam puts a lot of thought into the most effective ways to help listeners break through their mental barriers and hit their stride.

If you want to tap into your capacity for growth, take a listen to Counseling and Functional Fitness.


May 2022 Issue

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