The TNG Podcast

There’s no shortage of fan-based Trekkie shows, but Shereese Alexander and Andrea Redmond stand out from the crowd with The TNG Podcast. 

Referring to themselves as “real-world nerds,” Andrea and Shereese hold several degrees between them, including marine biology, microbiology, immunology, and molecular genetics.

Yet their passion is sci-fi. These real-life best friends are happy to geek out over Star Trek: The Next Generation (and anything else sci-fi) while sipping hot Earl Grey tea. 

They keep listeners hooked with their weekly episode-by-episode “tear down” of the seven seasons of the massively popular TV show.

Andrea explained, “After we became friends, in some of our conversations, we talked about how much we loved watching Star Trek: The Next Generation while we were growing up. We would usually find ourselves cracking up during those conversations, and we thought we ought to bottle them and turn them into a podcast.” 

The first epi…

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Crooked Media and Adobe Partner to Make Podcasts More Accessible

Using Adobe Premiere Pro’s game-changing Speech to Text technology, Crooked Media introduces captioning on popular podcasts across their video platforms

SAN JOSE, Calif. — June 8, 2022 — Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced a partnership with Crooked Media, the progressive independent media company that delivers bold content to entertain, inform and inspire action, to make podcasts more accessible, leveraging Adobe Premiere Pro’s Speech to Text technology to caption popular content.

At a time when video and podcasting are both skyrocketing in popularity, the ability to turn around entertaining, digestible and accessible content on increasingly tight timelines is crucial to the success of any media company. When Crooked Media, a longtime user of Adobe Creative Cloud, committed to making its award-winning content accessible to wider audiences through captioning, it was a natural fit for Adobe and Crooked Media to work together. This partnership is now a reality as…

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New England Legends

Jeff Belanger lives a life of adventure. Not only has he has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu, but his professional life revolves around ghosts and legends. 

He had his first personal encounter with a ghost in Paris, and since then, has authored a dozen books about the paranormal. He is also a researcher for the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures (14 years) and Paranormal Challenge and Aftershocks, and for Amish Haunting on Destination America.

In 2009, Tony Dunne, a PBS producer, was working on his documentary, Things That Go Bump in the Night: Tales of Haunted New England. Jeff and Tony met during the filming, and they quickly realized that they shared an interest in legends. Coincidently, they also discovered that they were born in the same city, at the same hospital, just one year apart. They kept in contact over the next three years, and then, Jeff was inspired to ask Tony if he would be interested in starting a new television series exploring New E…

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UTR: TeeVee


If you want a well-done update on the latest episode of a science-fiction TV series accompanied by sound analysis, check out TeeVee, produced by The Vidiots. 

Eric and Jason are the hosts who thoughtfully break down episodes of their favorite TV shows. Their passionate commentary can be described as “smart and sometimes amusing,” particularly when they point out instances where they wish the writers had brought the action to a logical conclusion. Gaps and confusing elements of the story arc also don’t escape their scrutiny.

Awkward moments in the script and characters’ odd reactions are also fodder for discussion. They even pay attention to the authenticity of tie-ins with historical events and figures. You can trust Eric and Jason to clearly state what seems to work well in the TV show they’re examining, and without ranting, they’ll calmly explain what they find irritating.

The recaps have a bit of geeky dryness about them, but that may…

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UTR: Faithfully Playful Parenting


Podcasting has a singular advantage to terrestrial radio: the ability to precisely customize a format for your audience.

 A shining example of this is Playfully Faithful Parenting by Joy Wendling. She is a former children’s pastor with a theological education, which comes through in the show.

 Episodes include practical resources and encouragements alongside Biblical reflection designed for moms.

 Wendling knows her audience and keeps them in mind while creating her show as evidenced in two ways. Both deserve a call out so that other podcasters can learn from them:

 First, the show’s length is just right. I’m not a fan of short shows, but Wendling knows her audience of moms doesn’t have a ton of time. They are squeezing the show in during nap time while playing Wordle. In this case, episodes of 15-30 minutes make perfect sense.

 Second, Wendling does a superlative job defining her purpose and value proposition right in her …

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2022 Top 50 Moms in Podcasting

Each May, we celebrate moms and all they do for everyone else—their kids and families, other people’s kids and families, their friends and loved ones, even strangers… and of course, their podcast fans around the world.

It’s time for our third annual list of the Top 50 Moms In Podcasting!

On the following pages, we proudly present the results of the vote for this year’s favorite podcasts for, or hosted by, moms.

While their efforts may be tireless in their role as “mom,” those who choose to share their knowledge, wisdom, expertise, tips, tricks, fears, and fun through podcasting deserve an extra-special gift this Mother’s Day! Help us celebrate them by subscribing to their podcasts now. 

Congratulations to all the winners, to every mom who podcasts, and to women everywhere with the honorable title of “Mom.” 

Happy Mother’s Day from the Podcast Magazine team!

#1 – Just B with Bethenny Frankel

Hosted by: Bethenny Frankel. If you can’t handle t…

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Ride Your Ride

The idea for the Chasing The Horizon podcast was born from a simple desire to have a straightforward motorcycle podcast. As Wes Fleming, the host, states, “What I really wanted was a podcast about the motorcycle industry based on all the different things going on in it. Whether it be about BMW, or Honda, or Harley, or some guy who runs an independent motorcycle shop or museum, or a photographer… really, all the different kinds of things people do in the motorcycle industry. And I couldn’t find that podcast.”

With a background in music production, the technical aspect of producing a podcast that so often stops podcasters before they even start was not a problem for Wes. “I had the equipment, and I had the skills to produce a podcast. So all I had to do was figure out what I actually wanted to do with the podcast,” he laughs. 

Wes works for the BMW Motorcycles Owners of America, so he has ready access to a variety of contacts in the motorcycle world. His dilemma: he…
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UTR: Counseling and Functional Fitness


No one wants to feel like a quitter—not in fitness, nor in life. That’s what makes the Counseling and Functional Fitness podcast a truly helpful resource. It focuses on the integration of mental health and fitness. Now, that’s unusual. 

Host Adam Barfoot is a mental health therapist, a mental skills coach, and a CrossFit Level One trainer.

He is an excellent teacher, yet his everyday language helps the audience easily relate to his analogies. 

Pick any episode, and you’re likely to end up assessing whether your thoughts are dragging you down and holding you back. 

Episode 25, “Lessons Learned from a Half-Marathon,” is my absolute favorite. My hope is that we’ll get more episodes like this one, allowing listeners to hear about the host’s vulnerabilities. We experience Adam’s emotions right along with him.

His discussion on pacing is relevant not only to runners, but to anyone longing to set themselves up for success. This ep…

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UTR: Lost Women of Science


Ready to indulge your five senses via a mixture of science, mystery, and true crime? In the episode “The Case of the Missing Portrait,” we hear about a portrait of Dr. Dorothy H. Anderson from eighty years ago that should be hanging in the baby hospital in New York, NY. 

It was like listening to mystery radio, as the hosts wandered around New York in search of the missing portrait of this lost lady in science. Her influential face was nowhere to be found.

What’s intriguing me about this podcast is how it brings in not only science, but also a sprinkling of history, including topics that bring to the forefront how the medical field was dominated by White men in the colonial era.

I found my mind wandering around questions about various areas of life. Who decides whose face is worthy of being hung on the walls of hospitals, medical hospitals, or in the halls of Yale University?

My mind kept swirling around thoughts of how a hanging p…

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Aimee Montgomery: Overcoming Adversity To Soar

“Make your strength so strong, it overcomes any shortcomings.”

Aimee Montgomery, host of Thrive Radio, overcame the odds of becoming a top-ranking podcaster… and she did it with a speech issue as well as dyslexia.

In 2009, she was diagnosed with a communication disability, resulting in a speech IQ of 25. She also placed in the “genius” level in both reading and writing. 

As Aimee explains, “If people would ask me a question I wasn’t prepared to answer, they would just get a blank look, because I didn’t have the ability to process really fast. So when it came to podcasting, I had to really build up my ability to prepare and present.”

Aimee invested a great deal of time intentionally playing to those strengths—preparing and presenting—for her earlier podcasts. “I have some clips of my YouTube videos, and for a long time, I’d stutter. My voice was really quiet, without projection. I was really trying, but I couldn’t do it.

“It was the combination…
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